LinkedIn has unveiled a new tool that would make hiring many people at once easier.

The social media platform has launched Pipeline Builder, which “identifies, engages, and generates interest” from professionals on its site through ad targeting and a personalized landing page experience so that companies can have a wider talent pool for consideration.

If a company is looking to hire 10 engineers in a short amount of time, for example, they can set specific criteria for their target talent pool by filtering for details like title, experience, schools, companies, or locations. Once set up, LinkedIn users who fit those conditions are targeted with ads on their feed, and when they click those ads, they’re taken to a tailored landing page that “greets them by name and allows them to engage” with the potential job opportunity through custom media and content, LinkedIn says in an Aug. 15 blog post.

Job seekers can click the “I’m Interested” button on this page to share their LinkedIn profile without needing to complete a lengthy application. This information is then transferred to LinkedIn Recruiter so the company can “easily engage and follow up with more details about the opportunity.”

“By lowering the barrier to entry, whether through the personalized landing page or the ease of clicking “I’m Interested,” you’re reaching a new audience of qualified candidates who haven’t considered working at your company before,” the company explains. “We hope that products like these will allow you, our customers, to find the right talent faster and connect professionals with fulfilling career opportunities at your companies.”

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