LinkedIn is expanding its sponsored content offering.

The professional social network announced today that it would be augmenting its Sponsored Content services, already widely used by B2B marketers to reach its valuable audience through newsfeed headlines, with LinkedIn Audience Network, which allows businesses to place sponsored content on third-party websites, complete with formatting tailored to both mobile and desktop devices.

“One of the biggest challenges for marketers is reaching the people who matter most to your business,” marketing manager Divye Khilnani wrote in a Sept. 6 post on the LinkedIn marketing blog. “While LinkedIn Sponsored Content has always let you reach a professional audience in the newsfeed, what if you could reach even more professionals by promoting your content beyond LinkedIn – on other premium apps and websites where those same professionals also spend their time?”

Designed to help businesses increase their LinkedIn marketing footprint beyond the company’s core platform while still reaching its valuable audience – and without breaking the bank – Audience Network has already gone through a beta program in which more than 6000 advertisers saw between a three and 13 per cent increase in unique impressions served – and a unique click increase of up to 80 per cent.

And since measuring campaign performance is crucial to advertising ROI, companies that advertise through the LinkedIn Audience Network can download performance reports that include clicks, impressions, and engagement that ads receive specifically through the network, Khilnani noted.

The company has also taken measures to ensure brand safety within Audience Network placements, giving companies control over where their ads appear on the network and including the option to upload custom block lists, he added.

You can learn more about the Linkedin Audience Network here.

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