Is a Canadian opt-out tool for behavioural ads coming?

Canadian consumers may soon gain a tool that will enable them to opt-out of pesky online behavioural advertising.

The Canadian Press today reported that IAB Canada, the not-for-profit industry asocial of the Canadian digital marketing and advertising agency is negotiating with the Digital Advertising Alliance in the United States to adopt a self-regulating program which is already being used in the U.S.

The talks may result in the launch of a behavioural advertising opt-out tool for Canada, according to Michael Oliveira of the Canadian Press.

In the U.S., users that receive digital ads with a lower case “i” means that the ad is being shown because of behavioural advertising practices based on the users past Web browsing history. The icon links to The icon links to,which provides the user with an opt-out tool. The opt-out measure is users by more than 160 ad agencies and companies which include American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Conde Nast, Dell, Delta, Forbes, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo.

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“They’re about two years ahead of us, so they’re looking at other things now and they’re moving onto mobile, etc. – but we have to get this in place in Canada first,” outgoing IAB Canada president Paula Gignac was quoted by Canadian Press as saying.

Asked when he thought the same practice would be in place in Canada, Gignac replied: “It’ll certainly be I don’t believe any later than [the third quarter] of 2012.”

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