I never understood why some of my friends would spend 30 minutes-plus on their laptops, poring over the shoes at Asos.com or checking out the books on Indigo. After minutes of agonizing indecision between this item or that, they would simply abandon their entire purchase, no questions asked.

Well, here’s a bit of insight on what e-commerce customers are thinking when they’re shopping online. For your marketing quick fix today, here’s an infographic on the psychology of consumers who browse e-commerce sites. It points out different factors in an e-commerce site’s success, like how fast the site loads, the site’s design, and whether its product videos can grab any attention.

To see the infographic, click on the image below to enlarge it. (Thanks to VoucherCloud for passing it along).

(Image: VoucherCloud).
(Image: VoucherCloud).
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