Canadian advertisers will now be able to take advantage of Facebook’s large user base through the social media platform’s ‘Stories’ feature. Facebook announced on Wednesday that ads for stories are now available to all advertisers around the world.

The tech giant introduced its stories feature to the Facebook platform in March of last year and started testing out ads in the U.S., Mexico and and Brazil earlier this year and as of Wednesday all advertisers will be able to create ad campaigns specifically for the stories feature.

Examples of KFC and Kettle Brand ads for Facebook Stories. Source: Facebook

Similarly to Instagram Stories ads (which have been available since March of last year), businesses will be able to deliver photo and video ad messages in “a fullscreen environment” and this will soon be available for Facebook’s Messenger as well, stated the press release.

Facebook also noted that its full suite of advertisement targeting and measuring capabilities as well as objectives like reach, brand awareness, conversion will be available for the stories ads across all it platforms.

According to Facebook, more than 300 million people use Facebook or Messenger Stories everyday, however statistics from May show that Facebook Stories’ daily active users totalled only 150 million.

The number of people using ‘Stories’ features daily. Source: Statista

Whatever the numbers might be Facebook sees this feature as a valuable new way for businesses to connect with customers. According to the press release 68 per cent of people say they use stories on at least one Facebook app, whether its Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Messenger.

Another 62 per cent of people say they have become interested in a brand or product because of seeing it in stories, with more than half of the people surveyed say they have made an online purchase because of it.

Companies like iHeartRadio, Kettle Chips and KFC were some of the brands helping to tests Facebook Stories ads and according to the Facebook they have seen results including “brand lift.”

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