With the 2015 federal election at its midpoint – less than six week to go! – Google Canada is showcasing a host of online resources to help Canadians examine their choices and make their voting decisions.

On YouTube, the Canada Elections Hub is a new channel that spotlights video content about the campaign from Canadian news sources, video blogs from Canadian YouTube content creators and user-generated content from campaign supporters and regular citizens. Issue sub-channels also focus on with content on a specific content, such as childcare and the Syrian refugee crisis

Through its Twitter account, @GoogleCanada, the company is sharing regular insights from Google Trends around what Canadians are searching for each week with regards to Canada’s 42nd General Election. For example, as more attention was paid last week to the Syrian refugee crisis, Google shares the top questions Canadians were searching for on the topic.

And over at the Google Canada blog, Google has teamed with Abacus Daya to look at the role the Internet is playing in the election, offering up statistics such as profiles of the average Canadian voter.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.

Watch out, Donald Trump. There’s a new entry in the presidential race – the founder of the security vendor that still bears his name, John McAfee.

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