Act-On Software is going big with its marketing automation platform for small and medium-sized businesses, launching a new version designed to meet the needs of larger enterprise customers.

Act-On for Enterprise is meant for larger, global companies with more complex marketing needs than their SMB cousins, and includes features such as data portability and business intelligence, multi-dimensional lead scoring and SAML Integration to support enterprise single sign-on. According to the vendor, the new solution will meet the needs of businesses that liked the usability of Act-On’s marketing automation platform for SMBs but wanted a more robust, enterprise-ready version.

“Act-On is changing the status quo in enterprise marketing automation. We’ve taken the strengths that distinguish us in the SMB market – simplicity and usability, and added enterprise functionality and scalability,” said Gal Josefsberg, vice-president of product management at Act-On Software, in a statement. “Now, large enterprises can capitalize on ease of use and a streamlined implementation process, and as a result realize ROI quicker.”

The enterprise platform is aimed at both companies that need global scale for their marketing automation deployments as well as companies with multiple office locations or business units.

Some of the features include:

  • Multi-Dimensional Lead Scoring – Allows a marketers to create multiple score sheets based on different scoring needs, such as by product line, or different models for existing customers and prospects. Each score sheet can trigger different actions.
  • Security Assertion Mark-Up Language (SAML) Integration – Allows users to log into Act-On account using their existing enterprise credentials, and is compatible with MS Open Directory and Google Apps.
  • Data Studio – This data access and analytics tool lets marketers visualize, select, configure, and move data from Act-On to any business intelligence platform.

Act-On for Enterprise is available now with pricing starting at $1,800 per month.

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