ComIT – a registered charity that provides free IT career training courses to those who can prove a need – has three January courses with application deadlines approaching.

On Dec. 20, online applications for its Node.js course, Java course, and .NET course will be closed on its website.

Each course not only guides students through the related coursework but also provides sessions on resume building, interviewing, and teamwork, as well as other necessary soft skills for the job market.

The Node.js course will be taking place in Vancouver starting on Jan. 6, while the Java and .NET courses will be starting on Jan. 7 in Winnipeg and Jan. 13 in Edmonton, respectively.


Canadian immigrant providing free IT career training across the country

In 2020, ComIT will also see be hosting three courses in Regina, Saskatoon, and Calgary, five in Winnipeg, two in Edmonton, and one in Vancouver; although those courses do not have a set subject matter as the organization sets those according to changing market needs.

Additionally, the organization is working to add more courses in Vancouver, Toronto, Kitchener, Montreal, and Ottawa.

ComIT’s founder, Pablo Listingart, says meeting market demands is all the more important with the rate of change in the IT industry, pointing out that even those with established skills and careers in the industry may need to look at adapting their roles to maintain a job.

“Though some of the past roles are dying (we’re seeing people with networking certifications now unable to land jobs), those who once occupied those roles will need to adapt once again and learn new tools and concepts that will complement their previous knowledge to become a new kind of IT professional,” Listingart wrote in an email to IT World Canada. “Either you listen to the market, do your research, and try to focus on one of the trending areas and technologies like ML, AI, Bots, development on Javascript frameworks, DevOps, Cybersecurity, etc., or you focus on what you do best and try to be an in-demand professional on that specific topic.”

Some topics covered by ComIT so far include Full Stack .NET, Full Stack Java, NodeJS, React, Unity 3D, and automated testing, with an eye on creating courses on digital marketing and tech sales in the near future, according to Listingart.

Founded by Listingart, ComIT was established in 2016 after Listingart immigrated from Argentina to Canada and provides free IT career training to those who may not be able to afford it.

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