It’s hard out there, when you’re a marketer.

Aside from trying to craft the right messages that will appeal to the right audience at the right time, marketers also need to prove their worth of the daily grind to the C-suite – in fact, 85 per cent of marketers feel there’s increasing pressure to show their ROI, a recent survey has found. Fourteen per cent say the amount of pressure is the same, while just one per cent said the pressure’s decreasing.

To create the survey, researchers at the Information Technology Services Marketing Association and VisionEdge Marketing, a digital marketing agency, polled about 380 marketers in the tech industry in the U.S. They found while there was enormous pressure to prove the value of marketing, just 26 per cent of respondents were able to explain how their jobs impacted their businesses.

About 40 per cent could show it made a difference, but they weren’t measuring or reporting their contribution to their businesses’ goals, and 28 per cent showed it made some impact on their business.
However, they weren’t able to demonstrate how much impact their work made. A final six per cent were doing marketing that made no difference at all, and weren’t able to show what marketing was doing for their businesses.

That being said, there were traits that made some marketers stand out from the pack. Among the 28 per cent that demonstrated their relevance to their businesses, these marketers showed they brought value to their organizations by regularly talking with senior executives. 71 per cent regularly communicated with the C-suite, and 71 per cent of these respondents said their team’s marketers had some business acumen.

Beyond just creating activity and output metrics, they picked outcome metrics, and they set performance targets to ensure their marketing was aligned with business outcomes. They also built dashboards showing how their work impacted the bottom line – getting them a bigger slice of the budget at year’s end.

To read the full report, head on over here.

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