When marketers think about trying to get consumers to watch a short video these days, it’s often in the digital context and requires grabbing a click-through in an environment where there seems to be endless competition for a user’s attention. But what if you could play that video for a consumer on a screen that they are guaranteed to have to look at for almost a full minute when there’s nothing else vying for their attention?

That’s what AddMirror Canada Ltd. says it can offer with its network of mirrors across the country. What at first looks like a normal mirror is actually more than meets the eye and can display a sequence of images and now video with sound. The advertisement is triggered by a motion sensor so it will play at the right time as a person approaches it in a restaurant or bar washroom. The video panel hasn’t been retrofitted everywhere, so only some of the AddMirror locations will have that feature.

Those that do will feature this bathroom-appropriate video ad from Kimberly-Clarke brand Cottonelle. The video ad features a female host that interviews men at a speed dating event about how they wipe their bums, complete with toilet paper roll props.

If you’re wondering if having a video player on the bathroom mirror while a patron is touching up their makeup or washing their hands, statistics from a EMS Research study on the unique form of advertising might surprise you. The study found 100 per cent awareness the mirror was in fact playing advertising, and 69 per cent recalled the brand being advertised. The mirror caused one in four people to talk about the advertising with their friends after being in the washroom and 45 per cent recalled the ad six weeks later. The ads receive an average of 6,385 weekly impressions.

Try driving that sort of engagement with a Youtube video.


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