No business wants to admit that its e-commerce website is letting its operations down, but it likely isn’t working as hard as you are.

Have you recently ramped up your marketing efforts only to see your results fall flat? Have you added new products and used cookie-cutter descriptions, but your inventory isn’t moving as you intended? Have more than two years passed since you’ve made a change to your e-commerce site?

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s essential that your business keeps up with the latest trends. By optimizing your e-commerce website, you can communicate new messages to your visitors, protect your site from advancing security threats, and deliver a distinctive experience to your audience.

For example, have you invested in crowdsourcing content for your site? Crowdsourcing improves your business by speeding up content creation and getting influencers in your audience involved. Individuals love to write reviews and share photos of themselves using products. Take advantage of this promotional opportunity and improve your site’s performance at the same time.

Is your website optimized for mobile? Many people use their phones to surf the internet, and if your site’s not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out. Learn more strategies below to find new opportunities to make your e-commerce site a better experience for your customers.

The following infographic by CopyPress and Earned Solutions guides you through the basics of optimizing your website. You will learn powerful strategies that you can apply to your e-commerce site quickly and easily for effective results.

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