Programmatic continues to prove naysayers wrong and turn skeptics into believers. There were $21 billion USD worth of global programmatic media transactions conducted last year, making up 42 per cent of total display-related spend.

With the technology maturing and continuing to grow to new verticals such as mobile, native advertising and video and new markets, this is just the beginning for programmatic.

It’s no longer a discussion of if programmatic is a viable communications channel, but now a discussion of when and how it can be implemented into a marketing mix. As previously discussed, programmatic will grow to eat up more media to eventually become a holistic control panel for all of an organization’s media buying and/or selling.

While there are still some obstacles to overcome such as concerns over data ownership and viewability issues, the potential greatly outweighs any and all threats. In addition to new verticals, emerging technologies such as wearables and the Internet of Things will help to propel programmatic.

Check out the infographic to learn more about the stratospheric rise of programmatic.


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