Heather Arthur, Vice President of Customer Care Operations at Rogers Communications, is not one to shy away from new experiences.  In front of a standing-room-only group of Rogers employees, Heather presented her talk entitled “8 Steps To Expand Your Comfort Zone,” covering her best practices for being comfortable with the uncomfortable and empowering a goal-oriented mindset.

The event, co-hosted by WCT, covered eight valuable steps for both professional and personal development.  Here are three of Heather’s specific lessons:

Ask Questions and Be Curious

When faced with a decision, Heather likes to stress test it by asking: what’s the best, worst or most likely outcome?  Odds are, the worst thing that could happen will still result in a valuable lesson learned. But nothing will happen if you don’t take that first baby step towards your goal.

Face Your Fears

Physical responses such as a raised heartrate, sweating, or stomach butterflies can mean you are on the right track to embracing a new mindset.  It’s ok to experience fear but remember that you are in control of how you feel. Flipping emotion on its head and finding a confidence-mindset is the key to expanding one’s self.

Keep Pushing Your Limits

It’s important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Take continuous steps toward pushing your boundaries to flex your comfort zone muscle and get closer to your goals.

Overall, the message was clear: embrace opportunities you are afraid of to start expanding your mindset.  It is a valuable and actionable lesson for many of us who feel our goals may be stalled or who strive for more value in our lives.

Heather has hosted this event at Rogers offices across the country and as a webinar for WCT. Leaders like Heather truly help to foster a culture of learning and development for their employees. You can find Heather on LinkedIn and if you are interested in finding out more about the session, please reach out to WCT.

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