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  • 44fourty

    “Microsoft doesn’t allow nearly as much customization as Google does with Android” Thank you Microsoft for that, running a Help Desk and trying to support all the different flavors of Android just sucks. Windows 8 and IPhone are at least standard. BB used to be a real pain to support no, experience of the Z10 yet. Love the Win8 phone, integrates so well with all my Microsoft environment.

  • Smart phone newbie

    I purchased a Samsung Ativ S three months ago because the phone for removable battery and ability to add micro SD card. I like carrying battery where charges are difficult but as for storage finding that Windows Phone 8 system does not have a file explorer like Android-newbies learn after,

    Because I haven’t come across a good iTunes music App yet the SD feature is not as valuable as I thought. The camera is so-so out of the box and so I would have considered Nokia 920 and just worked with a “battery booster” pack of some sort ( it’s a bother to remove skin and the Ativ S plastic back cover feels delicate-so limited removal is probably best).

    I understand the MS reluctance to open up the file system and the integration of SkyDrive is very good but I really wish I had a little more Windows 8 Pro desktop like control.

    Besides a music app I really feel that I have enough apps for business and thankfully Nokia has “donated” their excellent GPS to WP8 because MS Maps isn’t anywhere close in its usability.

    Overall I think I would stick with WP8 if I replaced today-the integration with MS Office is compelling-but I would also take a serious look at the new Blackberry if they could work MS documents.

  • Herculoid

    I’m sorry, but leaving out the Samsumg Galaxy S III makes this article just a marketing blurb for the also-rans. Really, who would purchase a phone made by Sony?

  • nobody

    hey guys ,, do u think rogers business are dirty ????

  • Christena Garrett

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