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  • Ellis Thomas

    Good to see the apps for managing the expense reporting with in black berry phones. Being a sales coordinator I am pretty much aware of the fact that how much importance the expense management keeps in terms of the business world. Way ahead the approach may not be that precise if the tool that is used to manage the expenses can be of a weird quality. As of now I have been using tools that is manageable with iOS and android. its good to see that the I got a whole lot of list to manage and keep track of the expense reports in BB as well. Now it will be easy for sales personal working under me with the BB phones also.

  • Shane Brownwood

    Hey, Those are some great apps, i used to use expense manager from the list you have specified but moved on to Vezma Gps/mileage/expense tracker. They have some superb features with a stable cloud support that allows me to track my trip, know where my drivers are and know the accurate mileage of the trip. You can check em out at Hope this helps.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Good for blackberry but everyone knows that its time for Android and iOS. though I dont have any suggestion for iOS but for Android users Expensogram would be a great choice . let me know if any one have suggestion for iOS.

  • Shyna Walls

    Expense reporting and management is one of the most reputed and respectable aspect to make out the things in financial part so as to match up with the financial structure to end up in a systematic and structural manner. But the expense reporting and management along with the invoicing and billing could tie up the segment in a feasible fashion. I am extremely amazed to come across the list of those are specifically meant for blackberry. My good luck that I came up here.