CMO Digital: The growing reach of online video

    In episode #16 of CMO Digital, Jim is fretting that his audience will be watching the show in a number of different formats, across a variety of devices. Good thing Fawn is here with some facts – the numbers from the first-ever Adobe Digital Video Index. As you might expect, it turns out that the device used to watch a video has a big impact on user behaviour.

    Take viewing time for example, while a video viewer on a smartphone will only commit to an average of 22 seconds, a tablet user will watch for twice as long, at 44 seconds. But those who visit on a desktop are really committed, watching for an average of almost six minutes.

    As Jim points out, that doesn’t mean you can’t hold someone’s attention on a smartphone. Ensuring good site design that avoids unintended plays and designing a video for a smaller screen experience will go a long way to making sure your viewers have a good experience on their smartphones. It’s probably a really good idea to do so, as Fawn points out that more people than ever are consuming video on smartphones – especially phablet phones like the iPhone 6 Plus.

    There’s also another new emerging front for video – over-the-top devices such as Apple TV or videogame consoles. Jim and Fawn explore what type of content tends to do well on these devices and what it could mean for video consumption habits in the future. See all this and more in the most recent episode of CMO Digital.