Kindle Paperwhite unboxing video

    Amazon has essentially dominated the e-Reader market from the very beginning.With the release of the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon is hoping to solidify its place at the top.The Paperwhite has been one of the most popular e-Readers on the market since its original release in 2013. Featuring an improved screen resolution and increased RAM, the most attractive feature of the updated Paperwhite just might be the unchanging affordable price. Reviews of the new Paperwhite have already concluded that its one of the best e-Reader products for the majority of consumers.

    In the above video, Brian Jackson, editor of, unboxes a brand new Kindle Paperwhite as he prepares to review it. Please let us know what you would like to see addressed in this review. If there are any specific features or details that you are curious about, please comment below to tell us.