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  • Azim

    Intel Yes but slow processor for reduced price? Not sure thats the approach i want to go with and Pro 3 at least one has a chioce, i3,i5 or 7?

  • OnTheOtherHand

    I find it interesting that in slide 3 you make a point that the dock is an optional accessory, and by not mentioning them, parrot Microsoft’s ads implying that the keyboard and stylus shown are not.
    You do say buried in the last slide when the type cover and surface pen will be available, but even there no mention that they are strictly optional at extra cost.
    I also wonder that even if they figure out that the “type cover” is optional, if most consumers would not equate that with a keyboard, which, since they are always shown in any Surface tablet ad and review, they very well might assume comes included in the Surface tablet’s price.