Shopify executives gather to open up the official launch of the company’s newest office space, which will house Shopify’s merchant platform team and its user experience team. Satish Kanwar, vice-president of product for Shopify, is at the mic.

Members of the Shopify team gather on the stairwell to hear company executives talk at the official opening of its new R&D office in Toronto.

Toronto Mayor John Tory opened up speeches at the launch of Shopify’s new R&D office in Toronto. The company plans to scale to 1,000 employees in the city by 2019.

Shopify has an open work space, but offers nooks and crannies for those looking for a quiet space to focus in.

Shopify’s VR team has released Thread Studio to the Steam platform, intended to demonstrate to merchants how VR could facilitate ecommerce experiences.

 Kevin Donnelly, a content marketer that worked on Frenzy, an app that allows merchants to promote on-sale items, poses with some sweet kicks in the main boardroom.

Shopify’s entrepreneur-in-residence Jane Lee set up this in-house ecommerce store that sells swag and also useful items that merchants need.

Along this hallway, there are several smaller collaboration spaces where Shopify employees can practice peer pair programming, or host a videoconference.

The open and airy Shopify lunch room works well as a gathering space and offers napkins in branded dispensers.

A room dedicated to video games lets the staff take a break and engage with Xbox and Playstation games.

Of course, no self-respecting tech startup would go without a ping-pong table in its office. Shopify might be growing fast, but it seems it’s still connected to its startup culture.

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