The current Nexus 5, which may soon be replaced by the Nexus 6 this fall.

It’s going to be busy times for both Google and Apple this week.

Ahead of the holidays, tomorrow Google is expected to launch its latest tablet, the Nexus 9. The tablet should be the first of its devices to run Android L, the newest version of the operating system (OS), and there should also be a new Motorola smartphone coming our way, potentially the new Nexus 6.

However, instead of doing a big glitzy press event, Google will probably announce the news in a blog post, giving it more time to focus on improving Android L, reports Forbes writer Jay McGregor, citing a source close to Google.

Then in Apple news, a new iPad Air, a new line of Macs, and updates to Yosemite OS X, should be forthcoming in a press event Oct. 16, according to a story from Engadget.

Here’s the quick version of what you need to know about Google’s Nexus 9, as well as Apple’s latest updates:

–  Google’s Nexus 9 should be available for pre-order Oct. 17, and for purchase Nov. 3. While there’s been no word as to availability in Canada, it’s probably safe to say the Nexus 9 should land in Canada before the end of this year. Pricing should be around $399 for the 16 gigabyte (GB) version, while the 32 GB version should cost around $499, with both offering expandable memory.

Leaked image of the Nexus 9. (Image: Upleaks, PC Advisor).
Leaked image of the Nexus 9. (Image: Upleaks, PC Advisor).

Google may be hinting at the Nexus 6 (and its size) here, in an ad released today:

– The Nexus 9, or HTC Volantis, should have an 8.9-inch display of 2048 x 1440, weighing in at about 480 grams. It should also house a 64-bit dual core processor, as well as an eight megapixel (MP) rear-facing camera and a three MP camera facing the front.

– The announcement of the Nexus 9 during the same week as the iPad Air isn’t really a coincidence. Both Google and Apple will be battling it out to get consumers to pick up their tablets for the holidays.

The current iPad Air, announced in October 2013.
The current iPad Air, announced in October 2013.

In terms of what Apple will be rolling out, rumour has it we can expect an even thinner, lighter iPad Air. Coming in at just seven millimetres thick, slotting it neatly between the thicknesses of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Like the iPhones, the iPad Air will probably also incorporate TouchID, the feature that allows users to unlock their devices using their fingerprints.

– Apple is also slated to be unveiling its newest Mac desktops, with the most repeated and interesting rumour saying we may see a 27-inch iMac with a Retina display of 5,120 x 2,880 – something that may intrigue anyone who’s ever wanted a high-definition Mac for home or the office. There may also be some new features for the 21.5-inch iMac, including the addition of AMD graphics, but nothing as drastic as what’s been proposed for the 27-inch iMac.

– Apple announced Yosemite, its newest version of OS X, back in July. However, that was just a beta release for developers, and we may finally see its general release this week during its press event on Oct. 16. Not only should we hear more about its features, but we may also see how it works with iPhones for features like Continuity – and then of course, we might get another demonstration of Apple Pay, the company’s mobile payments system, sometime during the event too.