The Apple iPhone 6. (Image: Apple).

Apple Inc. has retracted its first update to iOS 8 since releasing the major update to its platform last week after users reported the update disabled their device’s ability to connect with a cell network or use Touch ID.

  • Apple pulled the update earlier this afternoon but hasn’t issued a statement to its website. An Apple spokesperson told Re/code it is investigating the bug reports and will provide information soon, and the update has been pulled back in the meantime.
  • The 8.0.1 update was meant to address bugs around HealthKit, a new feature in iOS 8 that allows users to track their fitness-related activities.
  • If you did update your phone, some users have been able to recover their device by going into settings and resetting it to factory default settings.

Apple contains glitch situation just in time

With the glitch reportedly affecting mostly the owners of new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, Apple was smart to move quickly to nip this technical glitch in the bud. If the 10 million customers that bought these devices in the first weekend had experienced a frustrating experience with their new phones, you can imagine that more than a few returns would be made. While we do use our smartphones mostly for other functions these days besides phone calls, we still generally consider connectivity to be pretty important.