Yahoo poised for ‘thousands’ of layoffs: report

Troubled tech stalwart Yahoo Inc. is poised to lay off thousands of workers, according to a report out today.

The job cuts (no exact number was specified) will likely be announced at the end of this month, writesAll Things Digital reporter KaraSwisher. If the axe falls, it will bethe latest chapter in the sorry tale of how Yahoo was left in the dustby Google, Facebook and Twitter when itfailed to keep pace with newertech trends like mobile technologies and social media.

In fact, the head of Yahoo Labs, Prabhavar Raghavan, has just leftYahoo for a job at top rival Google. It’s another headache for newYahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who took over after co-founder Jerry Yangdeparted in January.

Although Yahoo was reportedly in talks with China’s Alibaba Group andJapan’s Soft Bank Group to sell Yahoo’s Asian assets, that deal is saidto have fallen apart last month.

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