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Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant and a lead character from the Halo video games. (Image: Microsoft).

Published: November 12th, 2015

Windows 10 users in Canada can start using Microsoft’s voice-activated smart assistant today, and you don’t even have to lie about where you live.

Since the launch of Windows 10, the popular feature was available to users in the U.S. but not north of the border. We shared how Canadians could change their region settings to try out Cortana, but unfortunately that led to other problems in Windows 10 related to region. Once you’ve installed today’s update to Windows 10, you can set your region back to Canada and turn on Cortana for the full experience. In a blog post, Terry Myerson, executive vice-president of Windows and devices group at Microsoft, says Cortana is also now available in Japan, Australia, and India (in English).

To make sure you can use Cortana, instead of just a less AI-powered search that is turned on by default for Canadians using Windows 10, just search for “Cortana” in the bar next to the start menu. This will bring up the settings you need, and you can turn everything on.

Canadians used to see this message if they tried to turn on Cortana in Windows 10.

Microsoft tailors Cortana to have a personality that is suited to the region it’s being used in. Previously, Microsoft has hinted that the Canadian version will “love hockey,” but that’s all we know about Cortana the Canuck so far.

Are you trying out Cortana in Canada today? Let us know what other Canadian traits you find in the virtual assistant in the comments below.

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