Video Rewind: Anti-spam advice from MessageLabs

Canada’s anti-spam law – it’s been debated by politicians for years and security companies have long warned that businesses need to prepare for it, and now it’s finally happening. Canada’a parliament passed Bill C-28 into law and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law will start being enforced later this year by a troika of federal agencies dubbed “The Freezer.”

Soon any business that relies on e-mail for marketing or consumer communications will have to comply with a new set of standards enforced by this cold-hearted agency, or risk being referred to the Spam Reporting Agency. That could mean a fine, and harm to your business reputation. To help you keep on the right side of this new e-mail law, we’ve got a complete tutorial online today. Also, here’s a video discussion about the main points of the law from October 2009 (back when it was still Bill C-27.)

Matt Sergeant, from Messagelabs (owned by Symantec Corp.) speaks about the importance of acquiring consent from your e-mail list subscribers to stay within the boundaries of the law.