Shrad Rao is the CEO of Wagepoint, a simple payroll software for small businesses that are looking to simplify their payment process. Shrad always knew that he would be an entrepreneur. He has always been very passionate about entrepreneurship because it allows him the ability to influence change, make decisions and most of all, choose the company he keeps.

When he’s not growing and scaling Wagepoint, he’s into exploring anything including yoga and taking some Lindy Hop lessons where he can spend most of his energy and sharpen his skills at the same time. Shrad’s mission is to build the world’s friendliest team. His leadership style involves making Wagepoint’s employees feel like they can be their natural selves at work.

Today, Shrad shares about what he’s trying to accomplish for the next 6-12 months, the things that he learned that worked and didn’t work, and exciting news about customer development. He also discusses the core of his philosophy and how he is scaling it.


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