Another list of critical software tools for the enterprise and other businesses was released by SoftwareReviews this week, this time focusing on talent management.

SoftwareReviews – a division of Info-Tech Research Group – unveiled the winners of its 2020 Talent Management Emotional Footprint Awards, which are awarded based on the customer experience and the vendor-user relationship.


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Taking the top spots were Cornerstone, ADP, Ceridian Dayforce, and Nortek People Management.

The winners are selected based on users’ answers to surveys about their satisfaction with the product and the interactions they have had with the vendor.

Cornerstone was recognized for being the most caring, respectful, and transparent with their users, and for having the most client-friendly policies.

ADP earned top scores for saving users time, enhancing users’ performance, and demonstrating altruism.

Ceridian Dayforce scored highly for over-delivering on promises and including product enhancements, and appreciating users’ duties at work.

And finally, Nortek People Management was awarded for excelling in being effective and fair with users, for over-delivering and inspiring users.

Not to be confused with human capital management software, talent management mainly focuses on the relationship between an organization and its people.

“Talent Management software is becoming foundational for an organization’s HR operations and overall strategy,” explained Rebecca Factor, a senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, in a press release. “Vendors in this space continue to innovate in order to maximize the efficiency of HR departments and improve employee experiences.

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