Telus is investing $3.5 billion in Alberta in 2020 to enhance wireless and wireline network capacity.

This is part of Telus’ September announcement about its $16 billion multi-year investment plan in Alberta to support the province during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

The company will bring-forward certain capital investments that it had originally targeted for 2021 into this year as it re-allocates its 2020 capital spend, the company said in a press release today. 

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, Telus will invest $950 million to expand its PureFibre network and $85 million to bring its high-speed Internet network to 37,000 more rural Albertan households through enhanced wireless services by the end of 2020. The company will specifically focus on connecting rural and remote communities that require access to reliable networks as they adapt to new ways of living and working throughout the pandemic. These investments will directly support 3,500 jobs for Albertans, the company says.

By the end of 2021, 99.3 per cent of all households in Alberta will have high-speed internet access; 99.7 per cent of the population will be covered by Telus’ globally-leading 4G LTE network; and 98 per cent of Albertans will have 5G, including 119 rural municipalities and 34 Indigenous communities, Telus added.

Telus is also waiving home internet data overage charges through the end of April, offering flexible payment options for customers who have been financially affected due to COVID-19, and expanding the Telus Internet for Good program to Albertan families in-need through a partnership with local school boards across the province. It’s also offering Telus Internet for Good to students in-need. 

Other relief from Telus comes in the form of 90-day free trial offers on virtual work solutions, including voice and video communication services to enhance collaboration among remote teams, and helping small businesses get access of up to $1,000 of free equipment and professional installation, and 90 days of free Telus Secure Business or ADT by Telus services.


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