Technicity: technology as an engine of economic growth

Participants from established and entrepreneurial technology companies, government, and other stakeholders shared ideas and perspectives and jointly explored strategies to further grow Toronto’s technology sector and propel the GTA forward as a global technology centre. This year’s agenda included extended “discussions on three areas where technology and the city intersect.

Technicity coverage

Toronto’s recipe for ICT success: management, talent, money
Competent managers, risk-taking investors, along with a larger IT talent pool and greater collaboration are needed to help make Toronto a technology hub, according to Technicity participants.

Entrepreneurs must celebrate failure
At Technicity, participants from the public and private sectors discussed the need to create a culture of risk to push through more innovation in a city.

In our series of stunning infographics, we explore how well our nation and its largest city are doing when compared to others around the world when it comes to fostering a healthy ICT environment for startup businesses and research and development funding.

From Bangalore to Chattanooga, other cities around the world have succeeded at modernizing their economies to become globally recognized ICT hubs. If Toronto really wants to come into its own in this regard, it could probably learn a thing or two from these international examples. Explore the lessons offered in our interactive Google Map.

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