While Samsung Electronics‘ mobility president J.K. Shin is decidedly no Steve Jobs, the vendor did try to emulate Apple’s flashy product launches on Thursday by booking Radio City Music Hall in New York City and filling it to the balcony with journalists, bloggers and phone enthusiasts for the launch of the latest entry in the fiery smartphone wars — the Galaxy S 4.

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Our own Jeff Jedras was there and he has filed a full report for our sister publication, CDN. And in the coming days we’ll have exclusive video and photos from the launch.

For the small business, the Galaxy S 4 is clearly aiming at the ever-popular bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Similar to BlackBerry 10, its Samsung Knox feature lets a user create a personal persona and a business persona on the handset. Why is that useful? You can prevent your boss from seeing your vacation photos, and the IT department can keep corporate documents more secure and, if necessary, wipe the business half of the phone while leaving your personal files intact.


The new handset runs Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), and  is expected to launch with all major Canadian carriers in the second quarter. More information on pricing will be released closer to launch.

For more in the event and some of the other features of the Galaxy S 4, click the link below.

SourceSamsung launches Galaxy S 4 with translator and touchless scrolling

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