Re: Multifunction, what’s your function (Oct. 9)

I really enjoyed this article, a few years we made the switch from multiple (as in a whole bunch) of disparate stand alone printers/copiers/fax machine to some Canon 4570 (BW) and 3220 (Colour) multi-function machines. Not only did it simplify the management of supplies and maintenance of the equipment, we also saw a significant gain in productivity.

How did it happen? Because people could now fax from their computer, maybe. Because the printers were faster, sure. Because it helped us better managed the incoming fax, yes… but what really sold us on this equipment, is a little talked about functionality called printing to a mailbox! Each user is assign a “mailbox” on the printer, and every single job a user sends to the printers automatically goes to that mailbox… When the user is ready to retrieve its document, they simply walk up to the machine, select their “mailbox” from the panel… and print chose which documents they need to print. No more lost pages or reports because somebody else walked away with your printout and no fumbling trough print queues to find out which job is yours.

Unlike some “other” technology, this change did make our life easier.

Michel Trahan
Creations Claire Bell

Re: The proof is in TePudding (Oct. 9)

I must disagree with your take in this article. Companies like provide information that you can even opt out of if you want. Pudding eaves drops. Big difference.

Tony Cohn

Sacramento, Calif.

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