Re: Facebook could pump up next Internet bubble (Sept 27)
This is interesting when you stand it beside the rumours for the last month that Facebook is fading in popularity after not having been able to carry the interest that it originally generated. Either Microsoft and Google aren’t paying attention or the other stories are incorrect.
Doug Hynne

Re: Apple in 2015 (Oct. 2)

*Snigger, snigger* to your timeline. I do not think that Gates will go Apple though I would not be surprised to see him back in the industry. I can see MS giving up on Vista.

Stay tuned. If IT were that certain, you would be out of a job.

Gene Wirchenko

Re: Apple in 2015 (Oct. 2)

What colour is the sky in your world?

Nice article, nice try. It’s definitely a fantasy, but I like it!

A better TV reference for the dominance of the Macintosh would be from “Seaquest DSV” broadcast back in the early ‘90s. In one episode, set in the 2020s, there’s a throw-away line referencing “back when Apple bought Microsoft.” A lovely quote, it was!

Incidentally, that would be the ONLY way that Apple could end up owning 95 per cent of the worlds desktops… if they bought out Microsoft and merged the Windows functions into the Apple OS. Could it be done? Possibly. It is likely . . . not really.

Anyway, thanks for the article. I’ve been a Mac fanatic since 1985, they’re all I use at home and I’ve owned several of them. Always nice to hope that the rest of the world would come around to our way of thinking.

John Geis

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