Re: Don’t worry, it’s only your job (Oct. 24)
Thank you for making a difference. I was wondering when someone was going to get as mad as hell and say, “enough is enough.” We could all learn from your example.
Steve Simser

Re: Forget the iPhone, unlock everything! (Oct. 24)

How about CDMA, which I believe is the largest chunk of the Canadian if not North American market.

In Canada Bell, Aliant, Telus are CDMA and Rogers is the primary GSM supplier I know that Bell and Telus share each others networks to support roaming users. I believe there are firmware hacks to change features on many phones.

Tom Walker

Re: Antispam start-up tries new detection methods (Oct. 23)

Your explanation seems to be extremely wrong-headed. This is like blaming the victim for all crimes. Perhaps you have over-simplified your descriptions. Tell me how I am wrong, please.

Joe Trubic

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