Quebec City’s Crowdbase raises $650K in VC

Quebec City startup Crowdbase has raised $650,000 from iNovia Capital, Real Ventures and Martin-Luc Archambault.

Based on our source article from BetaKit,Crowdbase’s platform soundslike a combination of social HR tool meets workplace intranet meetscloud-based file collaboration and sharing system.

It’s aimed at companies with a large number of employees who want atool to help their workers post and share questions, suggestions,opinions, advice, ideas and links to articles. They can alsoattach documents and photos.

Screenshot from the Crowdbase Website.

Crowdbase says what makes it different is the ability to also organizeall of that content and analyze it so a knowledge graph can be builtaround all that stuff over time as it accumulates. That would helpusers figure out more quickly who or where they can turn to wheneverthey need help with certain internal topics or conundrums.

Crowdbase is also experimenting with an iPhone app geared specificallyto the employee question and answer portion of the platform.

Source | BetaKit

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