Pepperi is looking to make it easier for business to business customers to make purchases and conduct commerce with the launch of a new mobile app, the Pepperi Mobile Storefront.

The native mobile app for iOS and Android offers the same functionality as Pepperi’s web storefront in a native mobile experience, allowing brands and wholesalers to give their retail customers the ability to move seamlessly between the website and the app to complete their purchases. The app allows fast ordering and a consistent cross-channel experience.

“Pepperi’s mission is to streamline and differentiate the omni-channel B2B sales processes for brand and wholesalers,” said Ofer Yourvexel, CEO of Pepperi, in a statement. “Our customers can now offer retailers a fast and fun B2B e-commerce experience through a branded storefront app. The launch of the Mobile Storefront represents the evolution of our omni-channel B2B sales suite.”

Once a supplier configures and publishes branded product catalogs, pricing and approval workflows using the Pepperi software, the information is than published to both the app and the storefront, and customers can browse catalogs and place orders, as well as check on delivery dates and invoices, directly from the app. The app includes real-time synchronization to the supplier’s back-end ERP systems, and can also operate in offline mode in the absence of an Internet connection.

The Mobile Storefront is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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