A Colorado company has a new email and lead tracking system that integrates into platforms such as WordPress and MailChimp, so marketing and sales professionals don’t need to leave the platform they work with most to help nudge leads along the funnel.

Orbtr had backing from email marketing platform MailChimp to develop Torq, a newly-released email and lead tracking system that seeks to improve the effectiveness of sales emails.

The prospecting platform can pull in contacts from different sources, such as a WordPress-based web site, provides analysis and metrics through an integrated interface, and allows for the creation of targeted emails to select groups or individuals that look and feel like customized communications. Torq can also provide real-time alerts to a sales or marketing professional can be notified with a lead is on their web site, and see what they’re looking at.

“Email is the basis for a majority of business communications — but most of us don’t use it very effectively, especially in sales and prospecting efforts,” said Erik Wolf, Founder of Orbtr, in a statement. “How are we measuring the effectiveness of our sales emails? How are we using it to shepherd a qualified lead through the sales funnel? How are we using our follow-ups to shorten the sales cycle? With Torq, this complicated world is condensed into one simple, easily accessible interface.”

While email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and ConstantContact offer analytics to measure campaign effectiveness, Wolf said they rely on mass messages, while Torq allows for more granular tracking and measurement at the individual level. So these one to one messages, which would normally be sent from the mail client by the sales professional, can be sent – and tracked – within Torq.

Composing a personal email with a trackable link using Torq.


Torq integrates with Mandrill, a transactional email system by MailChimp, as the backbone for its email functionality, and also received backing from MailChimp from its Integration Fund. Torq also integrates with Zapier to facilitate sharing of lead tracking data with web applications and CRM platforms such as Salesforce.com.

“Companies will love using Torq for its simple and intuitive setup, which takes just a few minutes.  It doesn’t matter what you know about lead tracking or email marketing, from the first click Torq is designed to be accessible for any user,” said Wolf.

As a standalone sales app, Orbtr is pricing Torq at US$249/year, with additional users priced at an an additional $99/year.

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