Shopify has introduced Shopify Email, a new email marketing tool that aims to make email marketing easy for its  “new-to-marketing” merchants or those without any technical or marketing expertise, the company announced today.

Shopify Email is currently available to select merchants, and rolling out widely early next year, a blog post on the company’s website read.

Shopify Email currently allows merchants to create, run and track email marketing campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing.

Email marketing designed for e-commerce – Shopify

The tool will make it easier for customers to create marketing campaigns through the use of highly customizable email templates, existing product content, and brand assets from the Shopify store. Moreover, it allows customers to send emails using their domain name with virtually no setup required.

Now among the many marketing apps inside Shopify, Shopify Email has been built using the marketing app extensions launched by the company in 2018. It includes campaign analytics that the merchants need to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, such as the number of products purchased, number of products added to carts, email open rates, and click through rates.

Last year, the company introduced Shopify Marketing wherein it consolidated the tools customers need in one place with the aim to make digital marketing easier, so that the customers don’t have to be marketing experts to run marketing campaigns or build their business.

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