As the Motorola brand begins its slow jog into the sunset, it can at least take comfort in knowing that it’s doing so at peak efficiency – and looking stylish along the way.

The celebrated smartphone maker, which was purchased by Lenovo from Google in 2014, released the latest version of its Moto 360 smart watch, the Moto 360 Sport, in Canada on Jan. 11.

A statement provided by Carly Biggart, Motorola Mobility Canada’s general manager, to emphasized both the features held over from the Moto 360’s 2015 edition, including water resistance, a full-day battery, wi-fi connectivity, and the Android Wear app, and activewear features exclusive to the 360 Sport, such as a heart rate monitor and sweatproof silicone case.

Other returning features include the company’s own Moto Body app, which syncs with other fitness apps and records workout data, while new features include a GPS and what Motorola calls the AnyLight display, a first-of-its-kind LCD screen that combines a traditional backlight with front-lit reflective technology that’s perfect for use in bright daylight, automatically switching between the two based on surrounding light.

Like its predecessor, users can sync the Moto 360 Sport with either an Android or iPhone, and use iTunes or Google Play Music to sync playlists and listen to music without having to bring their phone along during a workout. Unfortunately, unlike its American counterpart, which is also available in bright orange or white, only the black version of the Moto 360 Sport is currently available in Canada.

With Lenovo using the Motorola brand to indicate high-end devices, it shouldn’t be too surprising how much the company is emphasizing the “Sport” part of its new Moto 360’s name. Canadians can purchase the device through Telus, though they need not be Telus customers to use it, for $379.

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