For users looking for more than just a password to protect sensitive documents, McAfee Inc. has just rolled out a new facial recognition service to keep their data from prying eyes.

Launched July 23, McAfee is touting a new service called LiveSafe, a security service that protects multiple devices with voice and facial recognition technology. One of the key features of the service is the Personal Locker, a cloud-based space to store documents like copies of passports. To access the personal locker, users need to show their face or voice, and also have their device recognized by the service.

LiveSafe is compatible with PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, and it also protects users’ personal information using locate, lock, and wipe capabilities for mobile devices.

Pricing is set at $20 for a 12-month subscription when users buy a new PC or tablet, or at $80 for 12 months if users are buying it for their own PCs or tablets. McAfee’s customer support service is free for users.

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