The Linksys Smart Gigabit Switch, 8-port. (Image: Linksys).

Published: March 31st, 2014

Linksys has launched new products geared towards businesses, unveiling two new dual-band wireless-AC access points and six new switches.

Announcing the new products at the Interop show in Las Vegas, Linksys showed off two new 802.11 ac access points, which are designed for network administrators, resellers, and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

As an upgrade to older wireless-G or wireless-N networks, these new access points are designed for workplaces that support their employees’ mobile devices. They’re also handy for offices that want to install door locks, card scanners, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, and security sensors that require wireless access.

The Linksys AC1750 dual band access point. (Image: Linksys).
The Linksys AC1750 dual band access point. (Image: Linksys).

Linksys has two access points – the AC1200 and the AC1750. The 1200 has a MIMO 2X2 configuration, while the 1750 as a MIMO 3X3 configuration. Both come with support for up to 16 different SSIDs, and they can be configured as a workgroup bridge to extend their range. They also offer advanced security through features like 802.1X Supplicant, SSID to VLAN mapping, MAC access control, and rogue AP detection.

Pricing for the 1200 is set at about $330, while the 1750 is about $380. The access points are slated to be available in April through major distributors, which can be found at Linksys’ site here.

Alongside the new access points, Linksys is also rolling out a lineup called Smart Switches, with six new switches available in 8, 18, or 26 Gigabit Ethernet port configurations. Three of the Smart Switches feature Power over Ethernet+, allowing businesses to send power to connected devices like Wi-Fi access points or IP cameras.

They offer more network management tools, ensuring they’re more secure, like quality of service features and DHCP snooping. The switches are also touted as being more energy efficient, powering down when not being used and detecting the length of a connected device’s cable to send more or less power as necessary.

In terms of a price range, the lowest-priced option starts at around $120, while the most expensive switch is $600. SMBs and resellers can buy them through a distributor by checking Linksys’ website.

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