This week, LifeLabs announced it’s working with Telus Health to improve access to health services to MyCareCompass customers in Ontario.

“Over 3 million users in Ontario rely on LifeLabs’ portal to deliver convenient digital tools to help them manage their healthcare journey,” Charles Brown, president and chief executive officer, LifeLabs, noted in a May 5 press release. “Our goal with this partnership is to provide our customers with enhanced access to online services that empowers them to support better health outcomes for their lives.”

LifeLabs’ MyCareCompass portal provides services like appointment booking, online test results, and new features, including an online marketplace that features health, wellness, lifestyle products and services where the new featured virtual counselling service will be offered. The collaboration will allow MyCareCompass users in Ontario to book 50-minute virtual mental health counselling appointments through Babylon by Telus Health mobile app on a smartphone.

Sessions will be provided by experienced, master’s level registered counsellors who will provide care that responds to the unique needs and goals of each individual. Customers will also have the ability to read counsellor bios in advance to select a care provider that they feel best meets their needs, noted LifeLabs. 

A recent study from the Canadian Mental Health Association found that 44 per cent of Ontarians say their mental health has deteriorated since the onset of the pandemic. Sixty-seven per cent of those with a pre-existing mental health condition reported high levels of anxiety/worry. It also indicates Canadians are continuing to rely on virtual care during the pandemic to support their healthcare needs. 

“We are seeing the mental health crisis in Canada escalate amidst a global pandemic causing considerable emotional, physical, and financial stress; and we know that Canadians need multidimensional support,” said Juggy Sihota, vice-president, Consumer Health, Telus. “Access to mental health support as well as a family doctor are equally important and that’s why Telus Health is committed to ensuring that Ontarians have improved access to that care, in addition to allied healthcare professionals, where and when they need it most, through our Babylon by Telus Health service.”


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