Kindergarten computing

A study published in the journal Pediatrics says preschoolers who regularly use computers are better prepared for school than those

who don’t. But others say that computer use displaces “”essential childhood experiences”” like playing with toys or friends — which, some might argue, prepares them for the adult work experience.

Because the grass is always greener
New Scientist

A roboticist foresees moving, virtual fences controlled from a remote computer to direct the grazing of cattle herds. Our nominee for most surreal quote of the year: “”Basically, we download the fences to the cows.””

Except in Stepford, of course

The “”bored housewife”” demographic — don’t look at us, we didn’t do the study — is fuelling the growth of the online skills-based gaming market, according to research in the U.K.

The pen is mightier than the mouse

Saying that common methods for exchanging files are unintuitive and clumsy, researchers have developed a “”pick-and-drop”” pen to swap files between laptops, PDAs and PCs. This concept makes so much sense, it can’t possibly work.

IT Blues
The Register

After years of budget cuts, layoffs and outsourcing, IT staff morale has hit rock bottom, according to a Meta Group study. While companies are offering employee recognition and training programs to buck up down-in-the-mouth techies, few are addressing the situation with cold, hard cash.

Bandwidth gluttons
New Scientist

Changing a single line of code in the Linux operating system allows wireless LAN users to suck up as much of the available hotspot bandwidth as they want. Those open source geeks have all the fun.


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