Between Feb. 15 and 19, 2016, visitors to the Vancouver Convention Centre were invited to enter the Lush Dream Lounge, an exotic-looking concept garden with a ceiling that combined a moss- and plant-based canopy with a six-foot transparent LED screen.

Source: 10net (click for larger version)

Projected on the screens, which were placed on the ground as well as the ceiling, was ambient bath art designed to inspire, refresh, restore, and reflects the theme that dreams matter – a sentiment no doubt familiar to fans of the U.K.-based cosmetics company, which had naturally arranged its handmade merchandise around the vicinity.

The lounge had been designed and installed by Vancouver-based digital signage firm and CDN Channel Elite Award nominee 10net Managed Solutions Ltd., which according to its nomination form aimed to mix a “seamless integration of unexpected experiential elements” with the goal of any good garden – to surprise, delight, and inform.

“By reversing the typical axis of both the garden elements and how screen technology is presented, the Dream Lounge invited participants into a re-imagined world of the magic and genius of Lush,” the company wrote. “The overall effect was a deeply relaxing immersive experience, at once a garden and a dreamlike moment where reality was literally and figuratively suspended… a sanctuary within the conference where participants could relax, contemplate their biggest dreams and learn more about Lush’s brand dreams.”

Founded in 2008, 10net has designed, built, and managed digital signage for numerous customers while providing consulting, engineering, content creation, and project management services along the way.

Other clients have included Subaru, B.C. Ferries, and BlueShore Financial Spa.

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