If you just can’t wait to get the latest features on your Google Home or Chromecast device, then activate the Preview Program to jump ahead in the queue.

Last week we showed you how to make a phone call with Google Home on the first day that the new feature was available. Google said the new feature was rolling out to Home devices across Canada throughout the week. There’s really no way to know when you’re going to get an update with those new features included – you’ll just wake up one morning and they’ll start working.

So if you’re feeling impatient, here’s how to activate the Preview Program to increase your chances at being among the first to receive these updates. Google opened up its Preview Program to all users earlier this month. It says it’s not a beta program, so you won’t be testing features for the purpose of finding bugs, but rather you’ll just be among the first to receive the general release version of the newest features.

  1. Open the Google Home app. You’ll have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device you want to put on the preview program

2. Open the “Devices” section of the app.

3. On the device card, tap the context menu (three dots icon) and tap Settings.

4. Scroll down and find “Preview Program” tap it.

5. Tap the big “Join Program” button and you’re done. Repeat for your other devices if desired.

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