Global IT spending on track to grow six per cent in 2012: IDC

Global IT spending remains on a pace to grow by six per cent in 2012, IDC said Monday in its latest forecast.

Although the tough economy has softened the spending climate worldwide,sales have been surprisingly strong so far this year in software,storage, enterprise network and mobile devices as companies look for ITtools to help them save money and increase operational efficiencies, Computerworld notesin our source article.

IT spending is on pace to grow sixper cent this year, IDC says. (Photo:Shutterstock)

While sales of servers, PCs and peripherals have remained slow, thatshould be offset in the fourth quarter by the launch of Windows 8, IDCpredicted.

Worldwide IT spending grew by six per cent in 2011 and should grow bythe same amount in 2013, IDC said. Sales are flat in Europe and Japanbut robust in emerging markets such as China (where IT spending shouldrise by 14 per cent in 2012), Brazil and India (both expected to see ITspending jump by 14 per cent in 2012).

Source | Computerworld

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