Every Follow Friday, we round up a list of people with active Twitter accounts, ones that we feel are worth a click on the ‘follow’ button.

This week, we’re focusing on three Twitter users who are pushing the envelope when it comes to e-commerce in Canada.


Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma Corp.

Gokturk is the head of Payfirma, a Vancouver-based startup providing merchants with the ability to collect credit card payments through multiple channels – on mobile devices, in store at a point-of-sales terminal, or through their e-commerce websites. Follow Gokturk for his tweets on retail, both online and offline, as well as tweets on startups and entrepreneurship. (And his story on selling lemons in the tweet above is a good read, too).

Plus, read our story on what would happen if payment solutions provider Square Inc. was acquired, featuring his comments.


Danny Halarewich, CEO of LemonStand eCommerce Inc.

Halarewich is the CEO of LemonStand, another Vancouver-based e-commerce company. It focuses on providing merchants with customizable e-commerce websites that look good and are mobile-friendly. Halarewich regularly tweets about what makes a good e-commerce solution, as well as strategies for startup growth.

Check out our story about LemonStand’s partnership with Payfirma here.


Darrell MacMullin, managing director of PayPal Canada.

As the person at the helm of PayPal Canada, MacMullin regularly tweets about the latest tech headlines. A sampling: wearables, mHealth, and a comparison of the amount of money Pinterest raised in its latest valuation, compared to what entrepreneur Elon Musk used to get to space with his venture, SpaceX.

Check out his take on the e-commerce landscape, rounded up into four tips he shared with us here.

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