No need for marketers to go to the trouble of opening up a laptop to manage their Facebook ad campaigns any more; the social network began pushing out its new Ads Manager app for Apple’s iOS platform on Tuesday.

Following up on its mobile site for managing mobile ads, which Facebook says is used by 800,000 advertisers per month, the app is now available in the U.S. and will be rolling out internationally over the next few weeks. Facebook says that more than 2 million businesses are using its advertising platform, and it clearly expects that more of them will want to make mobile updates to their campaigns – or perhaps begin new ones.

Facebook Ads Manager on iOS

Here’s a rundown of some of the features the new app supports:

  • Create new ads using photos on your iPhone or previous posts to your Page. Ability to save drafts and return to work on them later.
  • Edit ads that are already created, altering the text, changing images, or retargeting your audience demographic and adjusting your budget and schedule.
  • Receive notifications from Facebook (because you don’t get enough of those) when your campaigns are about to expire, or hit your spending limit. You could then take action and make a change to your campaign.
  • Track your finances and monthly spending related to Facebook. Set a spending limit and see what portion of your budget is expended already.
  • See results for your ads. Get insight into how many people viewed your ad and what action they took as a result, such as clicking through on the ad or liking your Facebook page.

Facebook Ads Manager iOS - notifications and settings

Facebook says that Ads Manager will be coming to Android later this year.

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