Shopify Inc. released its first-ever global State of Commerce report; unveiling some interesting insights into the habits of online shoppers.

Solmaz Shahalizadeh, the vice-president of data science and engineering for Shopify, spoke with about the purpose of the report and some of the more shocking insights that were uncovered.

Solmaz Shahalizadeh, vice president of data science and engineering for Shopify Inc.

“By hosting such a huge number of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that are digital native on our platform, we’re in this unique position to offer insights on how these merchants and many other DTC brands can be successful,” said Shahalizadeh. “So that’s the reason we spent the time and effort.”

Shahalizadeh said one of the insights she found most fascinating was that of the over 280 million shoppers on Shopify stores worldwide, 62 million of them were making a second purchase at the same store.

“That’s where we think the direct-to-buyer brands, when they spent the effort to build the loyalty with the buyer, that’s where it pays off,” she said. “They get a lot of value from building that great relationship with a buyer.”

Some of the more interesting discoveries related to Canadian consumers included:

-Canadian consumers ranked 2nd in the world for amount spent per purchase ($100.66 USD), ranking just behind Japan ($141.72 USD).

-Canadian consumers rank third in the world for fastest purchases (26.90 min), ranking behind the US and UK.

-Canadian consumers use mobile, desktop and tablet at equal rates to make purchases.

-Canadian consumers buy three times fewer items on average than American consumers.




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