Human resources software management company ADP Canada recently announced an update to its flagship tool for HR professionals, Workforce Now, bringing AI capabilities and a simplified system for managing employees in Canada and across the border.

“The world of work is evolving. Canadian companies are more dynamic than ever before,” said Heather Haslam, vice president, marketing, ADP Canada said in a release. “And they demand HR solutions that maximize performance, simplify HR processes and provide a consumer-grade user experience at work and on the go.”

ADP says that the revamped Workforce Now platform will make it easier for Canadian businesses to manage their workforce in Canada and in the United States with a unified HR tool that also allows them to do search for and acquire new talent, communicate with them and develop them as employees as well.

ADP has also added artificial intelligence capabilities to its Workforce Now system, which uses historical and current data, as well as predictive AI, to help businesses make better hiring decisions, trim their workforce if needed and reduce the instances of managerial missteps.

With modern businesses learning to adjust to the ever-changing needs of its workforce, giving employees and HR managers the ability to access their HR tools from anywhere is becoming standard. As part of the enhancements to Workforce Now, ADP has launched the Mobile Solutions app that will allow secure, self-serve access toHR tool and payroll data in real time.

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