Adobe Systems Inc. released a new full-version update to its consumer-focused photo and video editing software on Wednesday, with Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13.

Adobe says its updated the software with features that were most requested by its users:

  • In Photoshop Elements 13, a new Effects Variations option gives four more ways to tailor the look of an image using a single click. That bring’s the total of one-click effects up to 50 in this software. You’ll want to look in the Expert mode to access these new effects.
  • The Intelligent Crop Suggestions tool will analyze photos and detects faces, horizons, and other elements to recommend four different automatic crop options for your photos.

Of course there’s new tricks to be found in the Premiere Elements update as well:

  • An enhanced shake stabilizer promises to help fix those shaky handheld-camera videos.
  • A Video Story feature acts like a mini-wizard to walk users through mixing together clips, transitions, and music all based on a theme to quickly assemble a satisfying finished product.
  • Create a slideshow from photos and videos matched to music of your choice with the Slideshow feature.

Buying the software will cost USD $99.99 for each product or USD $149.99 for both of them in a bundle. Upgrade your old version of the software for USD $79.99 each or both for USD $119.99.

Consumer products can make sense for business too

While Adobe positions these products as consumer-facing software, the truth is that most consumers can be satisfied with free photo and video editing software that comes bundled with operating systems or is available from download from the web. The Elements software is for the “prosumer” market that will appreciate some of the time-saving automation built into the software because they apply the same effects often when working with photos. 

Businesses should also consider the editing software because it is a less expensive alternative to Adobe’s pro line on its Creative Cloud. Also, for businesses that for whatever reason don’t want to rely on cloud applications, Elements are still locally installed and not controlled by a subscription. That means you can buy it once and its likely the software will suit your needs for several years to come, so the value adds up the longer you use the software. But buyers should note an online connection is required to use this software.

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