Adobe is beefing-up its Adobe Marketing Cloud with what the vendor promises is the industry’s most advanced programmatic ad platform for advertisers and media publishers.

According to Adobe, the programmatic advertising platform – powered by Adobe Media Optimizer – leverages the solutions within the Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide a “self-service” capability for advertisers to take control of their automated ad buying for search, display and social media across ad exchanges and networks including Adobe partners Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Rubicon Project and Index Exchange. Instead of having to manage each network separately, marketers have one view of their social marketing spend and performance, with insight into media costs, ad performance and revenue.

The solution also integrates with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager, providing data that marketers can use to define and target granular audience segments. Marketers also gain the ability to use images, video and other assets from Adobe Creative Cloud to deliver targeted content to potential customers.

“Transparency is key to success in the programmatic world as automation is rapidly defining the buying and selling of digital ads, but advertisers are demanding more real-time insight into campaign spend and ROI, which Adobe is delivering,” said Justin Merickel, senior director of advertising solutions at Adobe, in a statement. “With global programmatic ad spend expected to reach $53 billion by 2018, Adobe is the first company to integrate disparate technologies and deliver programmatic capabilities in a unified platform.”

With the goal of bringing simplicity to marketers in a world of increasingly fragmented media and marketing channels, among the key features of Adobe’s new programmatic advertising platform are:

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: Adobe Media Optimizer can now be used to help drive user engagements and conversions by reaching granular ad segments with flexible ad creative personalized based on the past behavior of that customer, all in real time.
  • Transparency and control: Adobe Media Optimizer provides transparency into media costs and ad performance at the domain level, with integration with Integral Ad Science to allow smarter ad delivery with an eye to viewability, anti-fraud and brand safety.
  • Scale and performance optimizations: An enhanced algorithmic engine and integration with the major ad exchanges allows marketers to manage real-time bidding across exchanges with automated spending recommendations and more than one million queries per second.
  • 360-degree view of the customer: By combining data sources with Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer allows for the creation and segmentation of relevant audiences that can be deployed across Adobe Marketing Cloud, and get a holistic view of the customer by adding online and offline profile data as well as data from Adobe Campaign.

Adobe also launched Adobe Primetime, a TV platform that helps broadcasters facilitate the sell-through of video ad inventory at the best possible price across screens, using audience insights from Adobe Audience Manager to facilitate premium ad sales based on real-time data.

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